Mother's Day Mini Sessions (Bergen County, NJ Photographer)

You are going to want to get in on Mother's Day mini session! Why you say?

#1 because as a mom you deserve to get in front of the camera! Your kids want to get in front of the camera with you and they love seeing the images. One of Marco and Livi's favorite things to do is go through pictures and I am not even in ours enough. (I need to book my own mini session, ha!)

and #2 going forward minis such as Mother's Day and Holidays will ONLY be for existing Happy Chaos clients. (with the exception of stylized minis that will change year to year but will be for just kids, no parents).

Happy Chaos is going on it's 3rd year and little by little I'm finding my groove, my style. I made a goal for myself this year to focus on my business and learn as much as I can. I am so excited for an early bday present to myself and will be starting a workshop all about taking charge of my business with one of my fave photographers. (it was either sign up or go buy myself some new sunnies, see turning 37 and already making wiser choices, ha ha)

Anyway on to the fun stuff...Mother's Day Mini Sessions will be Sunday April 26th with a rain date of Sunday May 2nd. Please make sure you are available both dates. 

  • This one is only for moms and kids, sorry dads you will have to sit this one out. I know you are heartbroken ;)
  • Sessions are first come, first serve. Your session is not considered booked until deposit and contract are received.
  • Sessions will be held at Ringwood Botanical Garden.