Sparkle & Shine Mini Sessions Now OPEN!!! (Stylized Mini Session, Maywood, NJ)

Are you ready?! I am so excited for these minis!!

It's going to be glittery, girly and magical!

Sparkle & Shine Mini Session Includes:

Sunday, March 20th | Maywood, NJ

Includes a 30 minute stylized mini session, wardrobe included, 

10 digital images with print release

This session is perfect for girls age 3 and up. Sisters are welcome  to sign up but there will be additional $50 wardrobe fee per additional child. 

Fill out the form below to sign up for your mini session. Sessions are first come, first serve and are not booked until payment is received. I will e-mail shortly after and we will get started styling your sweet girls for their session! 

Fall + Holiday Mini Sessions (Mahwah, NJ Photography)

You don't understand, how excited I am for this year's Fall + Holiday Minis!!

I have been on the hunt for a Christmas Tree farm since last year. It's been quite the hunt because there aren't that many local to Bergen County and willing to let me shoot. So, I found something EVEN BETTER! A private property that has a little bit of everything that I love for this time of year..included a field of MINI CHRISTMAS TREES!

It's a gorgeous property with mini Christmas trees, cobblestone bridge, white barn and fence, oh and they have a red sleigh they are going to allow me to use for our holiday sessions! Pretty sweet right?!

This year my focus for our holiday minis are FAMILY. It's as simple as that. I know how special these sessions are for you guys, you take off of work, you move things around, you stress what to wear. I stress too! I kept going back and forth trying to come up with this amazing stylized session but you know what? It's not about the props, it's about the people in them and how precious your time is with them. That's what I want to capture for you, in a gorgeous location with the people you love most. (Okay, okay who am I kidding, I can't NOT have a few fun small props for the holiday minis and there is that sled too)

I will be doing regular sessions throughout this time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. Regular sessions will be on-location or in-home as usual. 


Marlo + Theo's 5th Birthday Mini (Maplewood, NJ Photographer)

I can't believe that these two cuties are FIVE! Driving over to meet them for our session, I kept thinking back to how teeny tiny they were! I remembered visiting them when they were just home from the hospital and Theo was the teeniest baby I ever held! 

Their mama, Lisa was my twin mama mentor when I found out I was having twins. She made it look so easy and still does. :) Just a beautiful family with an infectious energy, always have fun hanging with you guys.

Narrowing down this gallery was HARD. Theo with his ukulele + Marlo dancing along is the sweetest thing ever! Happy Birthday Beans! 

Saltwater Mini Sessions...(Long Branch, NJ Photography)

I kept going back and forth about whether we should head down to the beach due to the wacky NJ weather but then I said let's just do it. I am so glad we did! As soon as we got to Long Branch, it started to rain but we stuck it out, grabbed some fro yo and headed back to the beach. 

Olivia takes after me and my LOVE of the ocean. The girl is fearless! Once Marco saw us kicking in the waves, he joined in and we had a blast. 

After this week's beach mini session with Marco + Olivia, my obsession for Tutu du Monde has quadrupled. I need more!! I've been hoarding this dress for a beach session. The colors just look so pretty.  Every little girl needs a Tutu du Monde moment. ;)

Make sure you check out my FB page around 8PM tonight for all the details on Saltwater Mini Sessions this summer! 

A Little Magic + Glitter (Mahwah, NJ Photography)

I had this whole set-up in my head for Olivia and her cute "have courage and be kind" leotard. She just looked too darn cute today! After dinner we took a walk and had a little photo shoot in this field we love. Played a little music and danced around. Have you seen the new movie, Inside Out? We LOVED the short before the movie, LAVA. Song has been playing in my head all day.

I can't believe how much Marco + Olivia have grown up in the last year. I just want to freeze them at this age. Everyday that baby face seems further away but I love watching them. With Liv it's all  about princesses, fairies, glitter and magic.  I hope she never loses that magic. Hold on it to Liv...we could all use a little glitter in our lives. :) 

Aria's Ballerina Mini Session (Harrington Park, NJ Photography)

I've been in love with this studio since WAY back when Marco + Livi took their first dance class. So, when I wanted to do ballerina mini sessions, I knew I had to go back to Sukha Arts. A big shout out to Christine for opening up her studio to me. 

Aria is one of M+O's besties since before they could walk! You've seen her face in many of my photos and we always have a blast together. She is natural performer which isn't too surprising since her Mom has been dancing since she was a girl. It's in the genes! :)

Rae's Cake Smash (Maplewood, NJ Photography)

Talk about a little RAE of sunshine! I met up with Miss Rae on her birthday for her cake smash session and she was just the happiest little girl. She got to dig into her cake and have a ball while her big sis + bro were at school. Rae's mom has quite a talent when it comes to decor and I am little obsessed with Rae's room. It must run in the family bc the amazing mural in the background was painted by Rae's Aunt. 

Cameron's Carnival Cake Smash Session (New Milford NJ, Children's Photographer)

First let me wish Cameron a Happy 1st Birthday!! How fast this year flew by! Cameron's mom wanted to do a carnival inspired cake smash session to go with his big birthday party theme. The birthday boy was a little unsure about his cake until we covered it in his fave snack..cheerios ha ha

How cute is Cameron and all his little faces?! I can't take the cuteness...ok enough chatting just go ooh and aah over his cute little face :)

Ballerina Mini Session (Harrington Park, NJ Photography)

Is there anything cuter than a tiny ballerina girl? No, not really.. ;)

I always have fun with Kayla. Last year we did a fun sprinkles & donuts session and this time Kayla got to dress up and play ballerina. We put on a little Disney Princess music, naturally and twirled around. 

Mother's Day Mini Sessions (Bergen County, NJ Photographer)

You are going to want to get in on Mother's Day mini session! Why you say?

#1 because as a mom you deserve to get in front of the camera! Your kids want to get in front of the camera with you and they love seeing the images. One of Marco and Livi's favorite things to do is go through pictures and I am not even in ours enough. (I need to book my own mini session, ha!)

and #2 going forward minis such as Mother's Day and Holidays will ONLY be for existing Happy Chaos clients. (with the exception of stylized minis that will change year to year but will be for just kids, no parents).

Happy Chaos is going on it's 3rd year and little by little I'm finding my groove, my style. I made a goal for myself this year to focus on my business and learn as much as I can. I am so excited for an early bday present to myself and will be starting a workshop all about taking charge of my business with one of my fave photographers. (it was either sign up or go buy myself some new sunnies, see turning 37 and already making wiser choices, ha ha)

Anyway on to the fun stuff...Mother's Day Mini Sessions will be Sunday April 26th with a rain date of Sunday May 2nd. Please make sure you are available both dates. 

  • This one is only for moms and kids, sorry dads you will have to sit this one out. I know you are heartbroken ;)
  • Sessions are first come, first serve. Your session is not considered booked until deposit and contract are received.
  • Sessions will be held at Ringwood Botanical Garden.