First Communion, Bergen County NJ

Finley's First Communion

Making your first Holy Communion is such a special day for children...I love all the little details...the veil, rosary, the little bibles. (mini bibles? there's probably a better name for it but I am a terrible Catholic and don't know it.) 

Communion Portraits, Bergen County, NJ 

Thankfully, the rain held out long enough to go outside for Finley's session. Just as soon as I walked out of the house...BAM...rain. I am not even gonna complain bc the sun is out today and summer is on it's way.

What a little beauty, Finley. It was our first time meeting and she was such a sweet girl. Little girls in communion dresses get me all sappy...the image of Finley's hands in her dad's hands...ahhh, I just think of her as a bride one and I get teary eyed. I am such a sap...I think it just comes with being a mom. right? it's not just me, right?  

Ooh and little can you not just smile at a boy in a bowtie? He's got that whole mischievous little brother look about him. 

Congrats to you on your special day, Finley!