Ramsey NJ Newborn Photographer

Owen's Newborn Session

I think there are these crazy rumors out there that you're baby must be asleep during their newborn session. Nope, not true at all! 

Yes, while it may be ideal for all those swaddled sleepy baby poses for your baby to be sleepy with a full belly, it doesn't always work out that way. Take Mr. Owen here, he wasn't really into closing his eyes and taking a nap. He was a curious little soul looking all around, listening to the white noises playing and was perfectly content. I loved it...he looks peaceful. It reminds me of when I used to play music for M&O when they were babies and as soon as they heard a certain water sound they would just calm right down. I wish that still worked with them! 

Our session was right after Mother's Day and Owen's dad had gifted his mom this gorgeous wooden swing for their newly finished porch. It meant a lot to both of them to get outside and get a few moments as a family captured. I love porch swings like this one...it's such a simple thing but I am sure their family will create so many memories out there on that swing. 

Ramsey, NJ Newborn Photography

Ok parents here's a little tip that I share with all my newborn clients with toddlers. Ready?

Toddlers can smell FEAR

They can smell your fear mom & dad! I know it's silly but it's so true! They know what you want! They know you want that image of them gently cozying up to their new sibling. Oh and the more desperate you are, the more they will act up. It's TRUE! So my advice is to back off, play it cool, don't let them know how bad you want it. Just chill out and let them do their thing. Most of the time when you do, they will bring the magic...trust me! Check out Owen's big brother! We let him relax and play with Dad, once he realized that the camera was clicking he brought the personality. He loved the camera clicking!