Family Love (Bergen County, NJ/Lifestyle Family Session)

The first time I was supposed to meet Travis and his parents it poured like a monsoon. We both ended up up in the parking lot of the botanical gardens and then BAM....rained so hard. Oh.... but then Mother Nature smiled on us and gave us a perfect day when we rescheduled. 

Travis is the biggest flirt ever with that smile and twinkly eyes...I can't wait to see him in a few months for his 1st birthday session. 

You Fancy...

I had this whole session planned in my head for Marco & Olivia's 5th birthday..yea that never happened! 

Instead, I picked the kids up from school and headed over to check out this beautiful garden area for our holiday cards. The older the kids get they definitely have their own ideas of what they want to do and I love it. I know the day may come when they tell me to put my camera away, so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Boden Newborn Session (Waldwick, NJ)

Mr. Boden gave his family quite the surprise when he decided to make his debut a few weeks early. But that's ok, it's good to keep em' on their toes, right Boden? ;)

I always have fun catching up with this family....we had our first session in the summer to celebrate big sister Maddie's 1st birthday. 

Summer fun (Mahwah, NJ Photographer)

I forgot all about this day and these images! Marco + Olivia played in the water for over an hour. It was a perfect summer day. Kids playing in the water, just enjoying the simple pleasures of warmer days...glorious!! 

Cameron's Carnival Cake Smash Session (New Milford NJ, Children's Photographer)

First let me wish Cameron a Happy 1st Birthday!! How fast this year flew by! Cameron's mom wanted to do a carnival inspired cake smash session to go with his big birthday party theme. The birthday boy was a little unsure about his cake until we covered it in his fave snack..cheerios ha ha

How cute is Cameron and all his little faces?! I can't take the cuteness...ok enough chatting just go ooh and aah over his cute little face :)

Project Inspire - Shari (Zen Family Yoga, Ramsey, NJ)

Last month, I decided to take on a photography project - Project Inspire. I put a call out on social media for women that wanted to participate and share their stories. My inspiration for this project was this quote on my office bulletin board, "I love the person I've become because I've fought to become her." I can't tell you how amazing the response has been. I have quite a few inspiring women to share over the next few months. 

One of the first to respond was Shari. A mother of two gorgeous girls decided to end her marriage and start over. She turned to yoga in this difficult time and her passion was ignited. Shari followed her passion and recently opened Zen Family Yoga in Ramsey. 

I met up with Shari and her girls in her new studio and we got to chat. Her new studio is amazing and peaceful space. I felt such at peace walking in. I could just feel the good energy in her studio and I can't wait to try out her yoga class. 

  • What carries you through the tough times? Yoga, praying to God (which for Shari was new since she was raised Jewish but she somehow found herself praying)
  • What is your life lesson to share with your daughters? I hope they discover what they are passionate about it. React based on their feelings, understand their feelings & to look inward. 

I've asked all Project Inspire partcipants to answer how the quote applies to their own lives and stories and this is what Shari had to say...

My transformation started when I made the decision to put the brakes on my life and what my kids were seeing in our household. They saw their mother getting pushed to the floor by their father. Waking up at night hearing their father yell. Me feeling like I could never do enough. Two years of soul searching. Hitting rock bottom in every way. Starting to pray to God for strength and the ability to function so that I can build a new life for me and my two daughters. Taking yoga as a way to spend my time productively when my kids are with their father. Yoga took me in and I haven't looked back. Yoga inspired me to grow. Go inward. 

In-home Lifestyle Session (Old Tappan, NJ Photography)

Last month ( I know I am behind on blogging..again) I had the pleasure of working with Angeline of Macaroni Kids and her two adorable kids. 

Izzie had just had her birthday party the day before and couldn't wait to get her hands on some of her gifts. What's better than stickers and crayons?! 

This is what I love about in-home sessions, it's less stress and just flows more naturally. The kids had fun doing something that they enjoy and have fun. I will say it again and again, this is what you and they will cherish years from now. The memories of their childhood, hanging out at home, doing the everyday things, looking back at what their rooms were like, their favorite books. 

Cole read me a story from his fave Big Hero 6 book, Izzie danced her around her room and named all the planets! (impressive for a 4 yr old!)