A Little Magic + Glitter (Mahwah, NJ Photography)

I had this whole set-up in my head for Olivia and her cute "have courage and be kind" leotard. She just looked too darn cute today! After dinner we took a walk and had a little photo shoot in this field we love. Played a little music and danced around. Have you seen the new movie, Inside Out? We LOVED the short before the movie, LAVA. Song has been playing in my head all day.

I can't believe how much Marco + Olivia have grown up in the last year. I just want to freeze them at this age. Everyday that baby face seems further away but I love watching them. With Liv it's all  about princesses, fairies, glitter and magic.  I hope she never loses that magic. Hold on it to Liv...we could all use a little glitter in our lives. :)