Ringwood Botanical Maternity Session

Ringwood Botanical Maternity Session

I met Corrine about 2 years ago when I was lost trying to figure out all the machines at Retro. I remember she was so sweet and showed me to work that damn leg press machine. Ha! 

I've since left Retro and Corrine's started a new job as well  thanks to Instagram, I have followed along on their romance and now here they are ready to start a family. They are totally in love and it's so sweet to see! Can't wait to meet baby boy in a few weeks. 

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Julian Newborn Session (Bergen County, NJ Newborn Photographer)

I just noticed I haven't blogged since JULY! It's been crazy but all in a good way! 

I couldn't wait for Julian's newborn session. I love that mom wanted to get outside! Newborn sessions can sometimes feel overwhelming but they don't have to be! I love the soft golden hour light and we lucked out with a warm day. My fave secret weapon the white noise app on my iphone and Julian slept like a champ. 

 Sweet little Julian, the little prince that completes this family. You will be so doted on and loved by your big sisters. 

(New Bridge Landing, NJ/Family Lifestyle Photography)

This is the second time I met up with Julianne and her beautiful family. The last time I saw them was for Logan's newborn session. They are just a fun family and I love that you can feel that through their gallery. Aubryn is just a little beauty and Logan just keeps getting cuter. 

If you have seen my Liv with her adorable bows, Julianne is creator/designer of all them. We may have a slight obsession with our Miss Rubylocks bows. She just restocked the shop and I may or may not have blacked out and bought them all. I can't help it! They weren't all for Olivia this time, I have a new niece making her debut in September and she needs accessories.

You need to check out her site and all her creations. She is amazingly talented, hard-working mom. Happy we got to spend a little time together and capture these memories.  

Brady's Newborn Session ( Washington Twp, NJ, Newborn Lifestyle Photography)

It feels like yesterday that Brady's parents shared their good news that they were expecting during their holiday session. I am so excited for their beautiful family and their newest addition. Big sister Cameron is one of my fave little girls ever and to see how proud she was to hold her baby brother just made me melt. How can you not melt staring at that huge smile!!

Welcome to the world Brady!! 

Sneak Peek Sparkle & Shine Mini Sessions....(Spring Mini Session, Bergen County NJ)

If you follow me on IG/FB, you know that I have an obsession with all things Tutu du Monde. 

Olivia and I loved dreaming up the session together...everything from the wardrobe to the accessories, she helped picked out. She even named the mini sessions....Sparkle & Shine. 

It was a magical afternoon to watch her dance around and be in her sparkley little world with her favorite things.

And now I am opening it up to all of you!!! 

Sparkle and Shine Sessions will be a one day  (Sunday, March 20th) stylized mini session that will include a Tutu du Monde look provided by one of my fave new shops The Borrowed Boutique.

Details and sign up coming soon but in the meantime...sneak a peek at my session with Olivia.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way a videographer lol. This is one of my first attempts at making a video but I thought it would be a fun way to share how dreamy and magical these sessions really are! 


turning off the switch...

I have had the worse migraine since yesterday..like lay in the dark can't move, nauseous migraine. BUT there's a silver lining. I am all ALL about finding the silver linings in my daily life. (and yes I may be guilty of watching Silver Linings Playbook too many times while editing)

January has been way too overwhelming and it's my own fault. August - December was crazy busy for me business wise and then it just stopped. In my downtime, I've been driving myself nuts trying to figure out what to do next, watching way too many periscopes about the new year, goals, blah blah blah and I am fried. It's really been stressing me out. Then finally yesterday while texting with a friend and fellow photographer she really helped me put things in perspective. Just stop! Stop stressing about pricing, marketing and all that and just focus on what you are good at. DUH, right? If my head wasn't already in so much pain, I might have smacked myself.

Just shut up and shoot, Natasha! 

Turn off the noise and just shoot! It's so hard to do that sometimes. I try not to follow too many local photographers and stay away from too many FB groups but sometimes it's like a black friggin hole that just sucks you in and leaves me being way too hard on myself. So I am turning off the noise and focusing on what got me here in the first place.  Shooting what I love and more of it. I've barely picked up my camera lately other than for sessions and that's just not good at all. 

Even though it's kind of a drag to lug my camera out with me. But I am going to do it and challenge myself to a little project. One day a week, I am going to take my camera out and try to capture my day. Maybe it will be one image, maybe it will be more..I don't like too many rules, ok? :P What I am going to do it try to switch up and play around with different lenses and force myself to shoot. 

I suck at coming up with cute names, so it's unnamed for now. 

Ahh, I feel so much better already. (I've been inhaling peppermint oil like it's my job for the last hour, it's a miracle worker)

Day 1 of my yet unnamed project

Marco had his 2nd dentist appointment to take care of his cavities. The dentist gave him a train ticket to get stamped and earn prizes and he couldn't wait to cash it in. He won a gift card to 5 Below and naturally we had to go right after to spend it. He picked out some new Lego minifigures. He's OBSESSED with his little buddies.

Logan G. (Newborn Lifestyle Session, Dumont,NJ)

I had a lot of fun with Logan's newborn session...Logan is one of the sweetest babies, I wanted to steal him. ;)  and the nursery is adorable! Mint green is my color for 2016..just sayin lol

I think people get a little intimidated with the idea of doing a newborn session in their home. They worry about the light, the size of the rooms but that's what I love about this session.  The whole session was done in the nursery and it's fabulous! 

Ok enough chat let's all ooh and ahh over Logan.....

You Fancy...

I had this whole session planned in my head for Marco & Olivia's 5th birthday..yea that never happened! 

Instead, I picked the kids up from school and headed over to check out this beautiful garden area for our holiday cards. The older the kids get they definitely have their own ideas of what they want to do and I love it. I know the day may come when they tell me to put my camera away, so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Boden Newborn Session (Waldwick, NJ)

Mr. Boden gave his family quite the surprise when he decided to make his debut a few weeks early. But that's ok, it's good to keep em' on their toes, right Boden? ;)

I always have fun catching up with this family....we had our first session in the summer to celebrate big sister Maddie's 1st birthday.