I love capturing the real,honest moments in your life.The HAPPINESS and the CHAOS that make your families real and unique. I love to work with my clients on everything from the clothes to the location of their session to make it unique. I drag my kids all over to find new and different locations all the time so just ASK ME and I am happy to find the perfect spot for our session. 

Do I offer posed images?

Yes, I always try and include a few “grandma shots,” but my goal in each session is to let it unfold naturally. I do not believe in forcing a child to perform just for the sake of capturing "the shot”.   I want your child to enjoy our time together so I do my best to work with them and make them comfortable. Don't worry about whether everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. You may think that the kids are out of control and you completely ran out of bribes to make them smile and your husband may be grumpy because he hates having his picture taken but don't worry! It's not about the posed, everyone smiling and staring at the camera, it's all those amazing little moments in between, the real moments, the chaotic moments that I love capturing. It's my job to be goofy, silly and to help guide you during our time together to capture those precious moments. Isn't that what we will treasure years from now?

In the spirit of fairness to all my clients, I am unable to offer special deals or discounts except for those that are run occasionally as promotions. For this reason, session fees, print prices and business policies are non-negotiable. Due to the custom nature of the products ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

*Stylized Minis are scheduled during the year..best way to find out is to sign up for my newsletter!